Atilla Dural is a leading Turkish based Access Machineries company, where their operations extends to the neighboring countries.

The company is committed to consistently delivering services in the above region which meets the expectations of its clients in terms of time, cost and quality. This contributes to the development of the positive perception and confidence in the market place which lead to the growth and prosperity for the company and all its employees.

It is a directive of Atilla Dural that the company implements and maintains a strong quality assurance system. The company believes that the achievement of quality relies on the active participation, cooperation and dedication of everyone in the company. Accordingly, staff at all levels, are made aware of the priority and significance of quality assurance activities.

It is our fundamental belief that the quality assurance system set out in our company’s guideline will not only increase client satisfaction, it will also enhance the company´s long term productivity and competitiveness through continuous improvement of construction processes.