About Altec

Altec is a leading provider of products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets. We deliver products and services in more than 100 countries throughout the world. Altec Inc. is the holding company for Altec Industries, Global Rental, Altec NUECO, Altec Worldwide, Altec Capital, Altec Supply, and Altec Ventures, LLC.
For 85 years, Altec has been a company committed to excellence. Our products are the industry leaders and consistently raise the bar through innovative product design, integrated safety features, and continued dedication to total customer satisfaction. The history, tradition and culture of Altec are founded on our values:
• Customer first
• Enjoyment of work
• Family
• Financial stability
• Integrity
• People are our greatest strength
• Quality
• Spiritual development
• Teamwork
Altec promotes an environment built on teamwork where knowledge is shared and innovative solutions are the result. The expertise of our Team is as critical to our success as the effectiveness of our products and solutions. At Altec, you can personally excel while making a difference to the company, our customers and communities.

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Telescopic Cranes/Platforms

Creating A Safer Job Site From The Crane Up.

Telescopic Boom Truck Cranes

Advanced engineering and rigorous testing make Altec telescopic boom truck cranes top in their class. Altec cranes feature superior safety benefits and display Altec's dedication to provide customers value through crane safety, productivity and regulation compliance.

Delivery to Meet Your Needs
Quick Solutions

In need of a boom truck crane? Altec makes it easy with a sales representative at your service.
Altec offers a variety of options – from our inventory of new units built to stock specification to our large rental fleet from Global Rental Co.

Custom Builds
To fit your specific needs, Altec offers customization on each boom truck crane. Our inside sales and applications engineers enable us to meet your specifications to accomplish your job site goals. Contact your Altec Sales Representative to discuss your requirements.

Integral Safety Features
Altec cranes are designed and built with integral safety features that help owners and operators comply with the new OSHA crane standards and provide safe working environments.

• LMAP (Load Moment and Area Protection)System
• Outrigger Boom Interlocks
• Outrigger Controls at Ground Level
• Optional Front Entrance Enclosed Cab
• Winch Drum Rotation Indicators
• Backup Alarm
• Emergency Stop at Operator Controls
• Anti-Two Block Device

Altec Crane Features & Options
• 2-Man Steel Platform
• Altec Opti-View® Riding Seat Control Stations
• Walk-Through Stand-Up Controls
• Winch Control at Load Hook Stow Point
• Out-and-Down Outriggers
• State-of-the-Art Powder Coat Paint Process
• 1-Piece and 2-Piece Jibs

Altec offers both telescoping and articulating (knuckle boom) cranes. Telescopic and articulating cranes offer strategic advantages based on their intended use. Telescopic boom truck cranes are available with sheave heights ranging from 80 to 207 feet (24.4 m to 63.1 m) and load ratings from 18 to 45 ton (16.3 t to 40.8 t). These truck mounted cranes can be used for multiple work applications, such as electric line maintenance and construction, transmission and distribution, tree trimming and other related uses. Articulating cranes, which are also known as knuckle boom cranes, are designed to be lightweight and highly maneuverable for maximum payload while working in tight spaces.
Upon completion, Altec tests the unit thoroughly to ensure the crane meets all safety requirements. All Altec Boom Truck Cranes comply with ASME B30.5. Altec also offers our customers the full line of articulating cranes with competitive features and specifications. Offering a vast assortment of configurations, articulating cranes can be used in a variety of work applications.


Aerial Devices

Altec offers a complete line of aerial units for the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, construction, and lights and signs markets. Through innovation and customer solutions, our equipment provides you with exactly what you need to get your job done. Whether it’s on the line with an insulating or non-insulating aerial device, telescopic or telescopic articulating, and overcenter or non-overcenter, our specifications will meet your every need — or we will customize and build to make our equipment fit your application.

Because safety is always a top priority, all Altec aerial devices meet or exceed all applicable ANSI standards as of the date of manufacture. We consistently strive to bring only the top-of-the-line equipment to our customers, so you can work safely and effectively no matter what the job at hand.


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